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STEP Call for participants

Giovedì, 16 Febbraio 2023

 This course is being implemented in the framework of the STEP project – Striving towards equal participation: an 18 months KA2 small scale partnership among partners from Spain (Learning designers), Portugal (POSCHOR), Italy (University of Siena and REDU) and Greece (UNESCO CLUB), with the aim to elaborate tools that should improve the inclusion and active participation of marginalized adults living in rural areas or in urban outskirts.


Objectives of the course:

To empower social workers, educators to run activities on social rights, participation and digital literacy with adults.

To discover approaches and tools that can be helpful in the work of adults, living in marginalized contexts, raising their awareness on social rights and social services they can benefit from.

To motivate and encourage participants to take active part in the STEP local initiatives in strict cooperation with the organizers.


Learning designers (ES) - Ramón Martinez - ramonasturias@gmail.com

POSCHOR (PT) - Miguel Costa - miguelcosta@poschor.org

Omilos UNESCO Neon (GR) - Stefanos Katsoulis - stefanoskatsoulis@gmail.com

RE.DU Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani (IT) - Stefania Zamparelli - educaredirittiumani@gmail.com

Università di Siena - Alessandra Viviani - alessandra.viviani@unisi.it