International Studies

The Second Cycle Degree Programme (Laurea Magistrale) in International Studies (LM-52) provides students with interdisciplinary knowledge in the areas of law, economics, political science, sociology, history and languages. Acquired competencies allow graduates to analyse political, economic and social phenomena on an international scale and to reflect on the complexity of the contemporary world. Graduates are well suited for high-level positions in national and international companies, agencies, organisations and institutions, both public and private.

Graduates have the competencies required to critically address the numerous political, economic and juridical issues of the contemporary world, focusing on the historical roots and global reach of individual phenomena; they are able to develop and monitor complex projects and strategies in the fields of international relations, development cooperation and European policies.

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, practicals, group work and individual research activities; these aim to develop students' skills in critical thinking and analysis. Students also have the opportunity to complete traineeships and work experience in Italy or abroad, within private agencies and companies, national or international agencies and public administrations, as well as non-governmental and third sector organisations: they can thereby test their ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills.

The Second Cycle Degree Programme prepares students for employment as diplomats, international functionaries, public officials and business managers. It also prepares them for service as officials and managers in non-governmental and non-profit organisations operating in the fields of international relations, human rights, development cooperation and humanitarian aid in critical areas.

The Degree Programme offers three specialisations: International and Diplomatic Studies, Development and International Cooperation, European Studies, the latter taught in English.



Curriculum "European Studies" (THAUGHT IN ENGLISH)
Curriculum "Development and international cooperation"
Curriculum " International and diplomatic studies"