Political Sciences

The First Cycle Degree Programme in Political Sciences (L-36) offers three different specialisations: History and Politics, International Studies, Government and Administration.

Graduates can find employment in the public or private sector on a national, international or European level. They have integrated competencies in the fields of history, law, economics and politics and the expertise to understand and manage globalisation processes.

The Degree Programme is characterised by a comparative, interdisciplinary approach. The different fields of study are addressed both individually and in combination in order to provide graduates with a global, interdisciplinary understanding of issues.

The different specialisations provide multidisciplinary knowledge in the fields of history and politics, economics, law, political science, sociology and linguistics. There are additional courses with specific training and professional objectives and mandatory external activities such as  traineeships and work experience in national and multinational companies, national or international public administrations and agencies, as well as non-governmental and third sector agencies.

Graduates from the Degree Programme in Political Sciences have:

- multidisciplinary methodological, cultural and professional competencies for assessing and managing political-economic and socio-cultural issues in modern society;

- multidisciplinary competencies for planning and implementing complex strategies and operating decisions;

- mastery of empirical research methods in political science, sociology, economics and statistics and of analysis (including comparative analysis) in juridical contexts;

- language skills: written and oral competency in English and a second EU language (French or Spanish).

Graduates from the programme can find professional and career opportunities in different contexts: national or international companies, organisations and agencies; national, supranational and international administrations, agencies and public organisations; non-governmental and third sector organisations.


Curriculum "International studies"
Curriculum "Government and administration"
Curriculum History and politics