Admission requirements and procedure

Academic Requirements

At a minimum you must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree (at least a three year/first cycle degree at the time of pre-enrolment at the University of Siena) to the required standard, from a recognized higher institution all over the world. In order to enroll at the MA in International Relations/European Studies, you should have a BA either in Law, Political Sciences, Economics and Management, History, Media and Communication.

If you have another degree or you have completed the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at a recognized institution, you will be admitted provided that you have an adequate background in politics, law and economics.

In any case, the admission is decided by the Enrolment Committee on the basis of your CV and academic career.

Student must have English Proficiency B2 before winter session.


International students wishing to enroll in the MA Program in International Relations/European Studies for the Academic year 2017/18 must submit their documents for the assessment of entry qualifications.

If you have obtained your previous degree (BA or equivalent) from a non-Italian institution, this is the procedure to apply to our MA Program in International Relations/European Studies.

For any doubt or problem, please contact:

Prepare the following documents in pdf format and archive them in a single zip file (max size = 30MB):

  • Application form (download pdf/rtf) , specifying which MA  Program you are interested in
  • Curriculum Vitae, in English
  • Transcript of exams and grades achieved, in English
  • If you are not a native English speaker: a transcript of English proficiency test (TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.) or any statement proving an equivalent proficiency
  • Copy of your passport (if non-EU citizen) or Identity Card
  • Submit the zip file containing all the documents listed above, by filling the online application form available at Application form for 2nd cycle degree programmes at the University of Siena for international students

After you have applied, an Enrolment Committee will assess your competencies and skills against the requirements of the MA Program in International Relations/European Studies. The Enrolment Committee will possibly ask you for an interview via skype.

The Enrolment Committee will evaluate the applications periodically: you will be notified about acceptance after approximately two months from your application.

After late May, non-EU citizens are invited to contact as soon as possible the Italian Diplomatic Representation of their countries in order to obtain all the required documents.  Such pre-enrolment application is to be compiled at the Embassy/Consulate. Candidates should preferably submit their request at the Embassy even if they have not yet received their Acceptance Letter from the University of Siena, for in some Country the Embassy can take quite a long time to provide the student with the necessary documents.


Tuition fees are up to 2,500.00 euros per year, according to the different study areas (please note that the second instalment is based on the family income). Fees are payable in three instalments: the first one upon completion of the enrolment procedure, the second one in January and the third one usually in late May. Please note that, in order to get a reduction of the fees, students will have to produce an official declaration of the economic status of the family unit for the previous year issued by the home country tax office, legally translated into Italian with the Italian Embassy/Consulate duty stamps.


Students enrolling at the University of Siena can apply for a DSU (Regional Authority for Higher Education Grants) scholarship. The call is open until September/October of each year. Scholarships assignees will receive a sum of money (including payment of university fees) and have free access to university canteens and free accommodation at halls of residence, if admitted. Should such accommodation not be available, assignees will be given a rent contribution, if requested.

The public call and the online application form are published at this link:

Tuition Fees and Costs

You can find some information at the following link:



For the VISA process the temporary address to use should be:

  • Residenza Universitaria S. Miniato, via E. de Nicola, 9, 53100 Siena

Please, note that the temporary address it is not a booking or confirmation of accommodation but just a possibility of accommodation for students when they arrive here, if there is some place available; otherwise we shall inform students about other kind of accommodation.
For the VISA process we can also provide them with a letter of accommodation, if they need it.


Students having an international certification must present it to the CLA office and apply for recognition. The CLA is located in Piazza San Francesco 7, and the office is open from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 13.00 (more details can be found in the website

For students requiring to pass the B1 exam, the University of Siena offers B1 level courses. Dates of the exams and timetables of the courses are available in the CLA website. The timetable of the English courses is also included in the MA timetable.

Students are strongly encouraged to pass the B2 exam as soon as possible, in order to be able to take the courses.