Science of Administration

The Second Cycle Degree Programme (Laurea Magistrale) in Science of Administration (LM-63) provides methodological competencies and multidisciplinary cultural, scientific and professional knowledge, particularly in the fields of law, economics, quantitative statistics, political science, history and languages. Students develop the ability to understand and analyse political economic and social phenomena of national and international interest.

The programme offers two specialisations: Communication, Local Marketing and Tourism; Taxation, Economics and Law.

The first specialisation provides students with professional competencies for employment in both administrations/public agencies (even local ones) and private businesses operating in the different areas of promotion, including communication and the valorisation of cultural, environmental and landscape resources.

The second specialisation provides the competencies required to cover positions of responsibility in local, national or European public administrations, as well as private companies, focusing on various issues relating to taxation and finance.

The programme also provides a theoretical preparation that allows graduates to continue research activities and start doctoral programmes at the University.

Curriculum "Communication, local marketing and tourism"
Curriculum "Taxes, law and economics"